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Oleg Milinski Funeralia - Body Repatriation to/from Ukraine

  • I offer families international repatriation from any country to Ukraine.
  • I'm arranging body repatriation from Ukraine.
  • I provide cremation services in Ukraine including transportation of an urn with ashes from Ukraine to any country in the world.
Oleg Milinski Funeralia, International repatriation to/from Ukraine
Body Repatriation to Ukraine
I'm providing a fully comprehensive body repatriation service from anywhere in the world to Ukraine, taking care of the whole process for you - including the collection of the deceased from anywhere in the world, embalming, coffin, legal paperwork etc.

Repatriation of the deceased to Ukraine is a combination of local protocols both where the person died, and at the final destination.
Documentation usually includes but is not limited to:
  • Passport of the deceased
  • Local death certificate
  • Embalming certificate
  • Freedom from infection certificate
  • Permission to bring the person out of the country
  • Permit for the country of destination if required

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Body Repatriation from Ukraine
Where can you turn for help when a loved one passes away in Ukraine and wants to go home?

I'm specializing in efficient, comprehensive, and cost-effective international funeral repatriation from Ukraine to all countries in the world.

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Cremation services in Ukraine
I'm arranging cremation services in Ukraine and bring an urn with ashes across the borders to any country in the world.

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Body Repatriation to/from Ukraine & Cremation in Ukraine - how does it works?
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