Body repatriation from Ukraine

Here we explain you how to repatriate a body abroad if the person died in Ukraine, but you would like to bury or cremate them overseas.
A funeral abroad might be something your loved one requested as part of their final wishes.

We will contact the Ukrainian authorities and the relevant Embassy to tell them that the person has passed away.
As part of this process, you we will notify the Consulate of the country where your loved one is being repatriated to.
They will be able to confirm what documents will be needed in order for body repatriation to take place.

Also we will contact the Consulate of the country where the deceased will be repatriated to and will arrange the relevant documents:
  • Acknowledgement from the Ukrainian coroner,
  • "Freedom from Infection Certificate" showing cause of death, and a declaration from the doctor stating that "as far as the sanitary regulations are concerned, there is nothing to prevent the body from being exported"
  • Certificate of embalming
  • The deceased’s passport

When arranging repatriation of mortal remains, the deceased is usually transported from Ukraine by air or by road.

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